LiveTVThales (previously LiveTV) is one of the world’s leading providers of live in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems for commercial airlines.

Founded in 1998 in Melbourne, Florida, LiveTV, now Thales, has grown to include installation and maintenance locations around the world to support the more than 600 aircraft equipped with its products. For more than a decade, passengers have been enjoying these products while traveling with their customers, a list that includes industry leaders like JetBlue, United, Frontier, Alitalia, Virgin Australia, WestJet, and Azul.

Thales use a number of different software applications to run their business, including but not limited to the following:

  • Custom software written for our unique business needs
  • SAP
  • Various systems mandated by their parent company



Thales stores information in multiple systems and depends on regular access of data and reports for their analytics and decision making. In order to manage the business properly, they need to be able to review performance metrics, and be able to drill down into data to understand the drivers. They have struggled with creating tools that are flexible, allowing one to easily look at the data in different ways and leadership always wants metrics immediately.

The Thales business is very complex and their internal customers have very high expectations of their output. It has to be professional-looking, quick to implement, and, of-course, accurate.



QlikView has been a huge help in their process. It has enabled Thales to build models quickly, change them quickly, and create really beautiful templates for easy use.

They expected QlikView to have more power than their Excel solutions, but what they did not expect was that QlikView would be easier to use. They worked on a template in Excel for 2 days. When the timer (processor) started ticking in Excel (due to size and complexity of the calculations), they thought, “lets see if we can do this in QlikView”. Within ONE HOUR, they had a rough working model and have since built it into a model that saves them hours per day.

QlikView has helped them achieve that in so many ways, for instance:

  • Their SIB makes easy work of analyzing their change control system
  •  They are able to gather many data sources in their HR department to give them one- stop reporting on their employees and contractors
  • QlikView is easily configurable to adapt quickly to changing parameters of new products
  • They can compare big flight lists to fleet health to get an overall picture of their fleet
  • Their warehouse group is able to use QlikView to study trends of material movement
  • They are working on a dashboard system to save their Program Managers time in monthly reporting
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