Age of Digitization: Bridging the Gap Between Business & IT with BIRST

LeanSwift Solutions, Inc has an official partnership with BIRST (an Infor Company), an all-inclusive business intelligence (BI) platform that connects organizational data using on-demand analytical data. This BI platform optimizes your organization’s data with ease helping companies make sound data-driven decision-making processes into actionable insights. LeanSwift is teaming up with BIRST to help ease that uncertainty in this growing age of digitization.

We get it…mining data and understanding its complex algorithms as well as the magnitude of data generated by corporate businesses can be daunting and quite overwhelming. BI is a significant investment, but it encompasses the ‘big picture’ advantages.

Historically, the IT department was only seen as a support function in an organization; however, in this expanding age of digitization, organizations should now see the IT department as a component of business operations: helping organizations make profitable decisions and support corporate strategies, ultimately driving business value with the use of BI.

IT leaders want to capitalize on higher-profit margins, who doesn’t? BI will not only help accelerate your decision making processes, increase operational efficiencies, identify and capitalize on new market trends and optimize internal operations, this system will provide historical, current and predictive analytics of your business enterprise’s operations. How’s that for improved efficiencies!

Economic disruption is inevitable; however, having BIRST on your side, will help your business pivot in the right direction when the market gets shaky.  You’ll always be prepared with the unpredictable, and that is what makes BI so great! BI creates a solid corporate infrastructure that can handle both growth and scalability and the effects can be exponentially profitable.

BI is not a crystal ball and cannot tell you what will happen in the future, but it will help differentiate your business, and foster your competitive advantage by delivering strategic value that will positively impact your bottom line in the long run.

Contact LeanSwift today and get started on your journey with BIRST Shift your inefficient thinking from intuition decision making processes, and replace it with methodical business intelligence!

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