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Augmented Reality for Manufacturing Machinery Maintenance

Augmented Reality for Manufacturing Machinery Maintenance

In today’s manufacturing industry, tech and strategy advancements brought forth by the Industry 4.0’s revolution are continuing to drive success and help business leaders navigate through persistent supply chain challenges. A key technology of Industry 4.0 is augmented reality (AR).

Sparking public conversation with the introduction of Pokémon Go in 2016, AR has come a long way in terms of use and enterprise value. IBM reports that companies who have implemented AR into their processes have seen average productivity improvements of 32%.

Specifically, manufacturers are realizing the potential for AR to help maintain resilience, safety and efficiency, especially when it comes to machine maintenance. Here’s how.

Process Automation

Using AR, manufacturing facilities can be digitized and accessible to all employees at the device level. An AR powered platform provides hardware independent navigation, making spaces interactive.

From their own device, employees can see key information overlaid on their field of vision, identifying needed machine repairs, placing work orders and collecting other pieces of technical information that is traditionally obtained manually. Such practices reduce the need for regular maintenance reviews and troubleshooting, ultimately leading to a better optimized workspace.

Timeline Acceleration

Because processes are automated and completed on the device level with an AR platform, the timeline for tasks that have been done manually is accelerated significantly. For example, if a warehouse traditionally completes maintenance checks on paper, the employee completing the check would have to write down any needed repairs, scan or input that information into a work order after they complete their check, and then wait for a response from the maintenance team.

With an AR equipped device, the employee can complete maintenance checks using the visualized guide and scanning QR codes at each checkpoint. At these checkpoints, the employee can photograph, take videos and/or report any needed repairs or maintenance. In the event a machine is inoperative, the employee can submit a work order directly from the device, immediately notifying maintenance teams. This shortens the downtime of the machinery and can save the company millions on lost production.

Ease of Use

Some of the best value of warehouse digitization comes from the ease of implementation and use. To set up this solution, simply input a 2D map of the space and place QR code markers throughout the space. Then, the solutions providers will survey the space and map against the 2D plan, creating the AR navigation capabilities and providing access at the device level.

Once implemented, your teams can begin using the tech right away from the device they’re already accustomed to. They can begin driving time and cost savings on use cases including preventative maintenance procedures, facilities maintenance, asset availability checks, training programs and warehouse operations.


Manufacturing facilities are spread out across large workspaces, and business critical machinery must be functioning at full capacity to stay efficient. Tapping an AR driven platform to fully digitize and streamline maintenance procedures is a clear solution provide greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Ready to learn more? Check out our recent webinar on this topic, led by Anu Pillai, Wipro’s Digital Transformation Leader. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, feel free to reach out to us directly.

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