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Are you Taxi or Uber to your customers?

Can your customers place and track their orders online and have full visibility into your supply chain? We have Infor M3 customers that now do 75% of their business online. Put yourself in your customers seat and think about how you can eliminate your Taxi line.

August 16, 2017

Why is a game changer

The Infor M3 Marketplace enables M3 extensions, integrations and mobile apps on-demand. The marketplace is open for Infor, all Infor partners and all Infor customers free of charge.

August 16, 2017

How Infor M3 13.4 will help pay off the national debt

Investments drive science and science has constantly provided us with better tools and techniques. Companies that adopt new tools and new techniques are the ones that thrive. This generates pay checks to employees and revenue to shareholders and society. Infor M3 13.4 will help pay off the national debt.

August 16, 2017