The Magento & LeanSwift eConnect B2B Solution

  • May 31, 2018

 Technology is disrupting consumer buying behavior and fundamentally consumer’s expectations in the B2B space. Buyers today are self-directed and want immediate and personalized experiences. Competition is increasing tenfold while traditional selling models and margins are eroding. Being that the traditional ways of doing business are deemed inefficient, business must now compete more radically by simplifying B2B transactions for both buyers and sellers in a saturated ecommerce marketplace.

The Magento and LeanSwift eConnect platform for Infor M3 will allow you to stay competitive by making your customer’s lives easier through self-service tools, product search and faceted navigation, product availability and delivery prompts, efficient ordering/quoting and allowing your customer to buy online and to pick up in the store.

There are 4 key benefits of the Magento and LeanSwift eConnect B2B Solution:

  1. Removes Purchasing Hurdles

Magento empowers B2B companies to transform their customer experiences to build loyalty, reduce costs and differentiate their business; empower buyers to find what they need quickly with powerful search functionalities.

  1. Reduce Expenditure

Magento and LeanSwift econnect platform lowers business costs- lowering fulfillment costs, and aligns a healthier bottom line.

  1. Grow Revenue

Increase sales and drive profits. This will empower your sales team to focus on finding and closing deals, not just taking orders.

  1. Create Opportunities

Create more opportunities by expanding your business into new geographies and market segments to drive growth. This can harness the power of bridging the gap between data and innovation to the market.

Companies that consumerize their B2B commerce sites digitally will gain market share and see revenue increase up to 25%.

LeanSwift eConnect for Infor M3 and Magento allows your ecommerce webshob to integrate with Infor M3 seamlessly. Key M3 information such as inventory and pricing models can be scheduled to synchronize or updated in real-time. Customer and item information is synchronized over to Magento. Each customer will have on-demand access to their order, delivery and invoice history from M3.

To learn more information on how LeanSwift can help streamline your business’ operations, please click here to watch a video of how Magento is integrated with LeanSwift’s eConnect or contact us at

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