Wow: The Infor XI 12.0 Platform is a big thing

  • August 16, 2017

The Infor executive team set out with a vision five years ago and it’s great to see the vision coming together. The release of the new Infor XI platform is an important piece in this vision and it deserves a lot more attention that it has received so far. My focus here are Infor M3 customers but this applies to Syteline, LN, SX.e and other Infor ERP users as well.

Change is hard

The Infor team has worked hard to improve the user experience for all Infor users. The different components to make this happen have been available for a while, but as you know it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Those of you that remember the 5250 (green screen) user interface might remember how long it took to move to a graphical UI. Even though the customers liked the graphical UI all consultants trusted what they had been using for ever and were not quick to change. Once changed, there’s no going back.

The Smart Office user experience deployed today is a lot better than the old green screen, but it’s still based on a functional way of working and it’s an out-dated user experience that we still cling on to. With the launch of Ming.le, event hub and ION workflows – Infor M3 now has an event based way of working. This is a big improvement and the Infor sales and pre-sales teams have been pitching a beautiful event based workflow for a while. Selling is one thing, but then deploying does not always happen. Change is hard and every little speed bump becomes an excuse to stick to what we’re used to.

What’s been holding us back?

Infor M3 is no longer the monolithic application it once was. M3 is the business engine in a solution that consists of several other components. ION provides integration and workflows, IDM provides document management, Infor BI provides the information needed in widgets. All of this is presented in H5 and Ming.le with tasks and alerts. Until now (pre XI Platform) you’ve had to buy all components a la carte and this has either been to complex or to pricy for most customers. As a result we’ve often been missing components and a puzzle with a few key pieces missing does not present a nice picture.

What is Infor XI Platform?

I’ve been urging Infor to deliver ION as a freeware since its first release. We’re not there yet, but the XI Platform is a great step in the right direction. The XI Platform includes a bundle of ION, IDM, Ming.le, Infor BI, Infor Business Vault and ION API’s. Infor is now selling the picture instead of the puzzle. The picture is installed (single installer) at once instead of having to piece the puzzle together. The Infor XI Platform is available for Infor M3 13.3 and later.

Best of all, if you own one of the components in the bundle then you can upgrade to XI Platform and get the other components for free! Yayy! (restrictions apply) Bring on the change, there’s nothing holding you back anymore.

There’s more

ION API’s and Federated Security (SSO) is also part of the XI Platform and this makes Infor M3 come out of the closet for good. This is huge and will make it easier for Infor M3 to interact with the rest of the world. More on this later.

Let’s build the Infor Community

Do you have an extension, app, JScript, Mashup or anything that would make Infor M3 better – please share/sell/post it on and help build the community.

Cheers, /Johan

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