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Building Web Applications for Infor M3 Using H5 SDK

Building Web Applications for Infor M3 Using H5 SDK

The SDK is used to build web applications (using AngularJS) and running them on an H5 client and includes core features that enable the application to call M3 programs. It offers basic UI components that can be used to build the HTML views and the ability to call M3 APIs from the application using the logged in user in the H5 client. It is ideal for UI programming – in other words creating new interfaces, cockpits, composite applications on top of existing business logic.

The SDK is targeted at experienced web developers familiar with HTML5, CSS, and scripting. It uses open web technologies such as AngularJS, Bootstrap and TypeScript.

What are some general Pros of AngularJS?

  • Built and maintained by Google, with a huge online community.
  • Great for implementing dynamic content web applications.
  • Very popular and used by big sites and companies like Netflix, JetBlu, Weather.com, LinkedIn, Youtube, and others.
  • Excellent MVC architecture, save time by developing apps faster.
  • Intuitive to use and makes use of HTML as declarative language.
  • Comprehensive, designed for rapid front end development and does not need any other frameworks or plugins.
  • Unit Testing ready.

What are some Pros building web applications for Infor M3 using the H5 SDK?

  • It is a browser based application, meaning it can be run in any modern web browser and on multiple devices.
  • All core components such as the controllers, services, HTML, CSS and basic features are pre-built and ready to use. All you need to do is put the building blocks together in an application.
  • It is an open technology, which means that customizing the application and adding new features or functionalities are easier and not restricted. If something can be done in a browser based application then the same can be built in your H5 web application. You are not limited to any framework or plugins (like for instance Mongoose).
  • It deploys and runs seamlessly inside of your M3 H5 client.

What has LeanSwift added?

LeanSwift has built a base H5 web project using the Infor H5 web development SDK and implemented generic web components that can be used while building new web applications in order for all applications to have the same user experience, look and feel, generic functionality and most importantly to reduce the development effort required for each web application.

Some examples of what we have built are outlined below:

  • Complex lists. We have extended the UI grid component for basic list views to be complex structured data and enabled multiple grid features which can be customized by the logged in user. Custom filters, data formatting, sorting and reordering columns, showing and hiding columns, exporting lists to Excel and pdf, multi-select, and more.
  • CSS themes. We have implemented multiple css themes applicable to all components of the application, that can be switched between by the application user.
  • Language support. Support for multiple languages in the application, either automatically translating your application or offering developers a way to easily translate and support multiple languages in applications.
  • Responsive design. The components are all using responsive web design and applications will adjust to fit the screen of your device. Our code will run just as well on a smartphone as on a computer screen.
  • Optimized for performance. Components have been optimized to perform better under larger sets of data. A commonly argued disadvantage of AngularJS is that displaying very large sets of dynamic data in the user’s browser can cause lagging interfaces. LeanSwift have worked extensively to tweak and optimize our web development SDK components for much improved performance.
  • ION APIs. While the standard Infor H5 web development SDK includes easy ways to call M3 APIs internally in M3 it does not allow you to call ION APIs. LeanSwift has added a ready to use integration with the ION API endpoint, enabling developers to also integrate with APIs for ION, Ming.le, IDM and other Infor or non-Infor REST APIs exposed as an ION API Suite.
  • Documentation. The LeanSwift H5 web development SDK components are all well documented inside the code, and easy for a developer to start using.

*Licensing and Products

  • The LeanSwift extended H5 web development SDK components are free for you to use when building your applications, just let us know!
  • You may not distribute or monetize applications you built using the LeanSwift extended H5 web development SDK components without explicit consent by LeanSwift.
  • Applications using the LeanSwift extended H5 web development SDK components built for you by the LeanSwift services team during projects are yours, including source code, to continue development as you see fit (note, you may not distribute or monetize them per above).
  • LeanSwift have built and sell a range of products using the same extended H5 web development components, such as the Accounts Receivable, Item Maintenance and Supply Chain Planning H5 web applications. These products are governed by different licensing and their source code is not included in any purchase of said products.

For more information on how LeanSwift can help your business digitally transform, please contact us at info@leanswift.com

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