Seamless and Reliable eCommerce

eConnect Core gives you

  • Easy and simple installation and no need for additional third-party products
  • Extensibility of Infor M3 functionality for Magento eCommerce webstore
  • Reduction in manual work due to bi-directional communication and synchronization between both systems

eConnect Extensions give you

  • Integration to Infor Document Management (IDM)
  • Sales rep functionality (service customers, place order as)
  • Order grid (Order by style, size, color)
  • Available to promise
  • Multiple warehouses

eConnect Order Information Automated Workflow to M3 Process

As orders are placed in Amazon, the order information and inventory are updated through GoDataFeed to Magento.

Magento then updates M3 through the LeanSwift eConnect Solution.

This updates the inventory in M3 automatically so that M3 can replenish the Amazon warehouses.

eConnect Product Information Feed Automated Workflow to M3 Process

eFillment automatically creates a new distribution order in M3 for each warehouse with all the products that need to be sent.

When the order is ready to ship, a ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) is created and sent to Amazon.

When Amazon receives the shipment, the status is sent back to eFillment and M3 is updated with the delivered inventory for Amazon warehouses.

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