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Getting Started with Infor M3 Marketplace

LeanSwift, the leader in eCommerce and Mobile solutions for Infor M3, provides a Marketplace to enable ERP functionality on Mobile devices that reduces time and cost and allows easy, secure access. This marketplace can be found here.

You can also download the Getting Started with Infor M3 Marketplace manual of how to get started with Infor M3 Marketplace or you can use the steps below.

There are 4 modules in the marketplace along with steps that will help you enable ERP functionality.

Module 1: Registration

  • Register
  • Manage Company Profile

Click on LOGIN to register

Navigate to the Infor M3 Marketplace and create an Infor M3 Marketplace account for your company to purchase & maintain product licenses.

Provide Information about yourself to register

Your email address will be the username or your Infor M3 Marketplace account and should be used to log into the account.

Update Company Profile

Update the Company Contact Information.

Module 2: Discover

  • Browse Products
  • Purchase Licenses

Browse Products.

Browse Products from the Products menu.

Select Mobile from the Categories menu

Add Products/licenses to the Cart & Checkout

Module 3: Enable

  • Download & Install eLink
  • Configure eLink & Activate Licenses
  • Manage Licenses & Add Users

Download the eLink under My Downloadable Products

View Instructions in the video

Configure Retrieve Configuration & Save to update eLink configuration

Activate License by clicking “applications” tab

Choose “Pick Reporting” and add users

Module 4:  Access

  • Download App
  • Log-In To App

Download MobileFirst App

On the mobile device, download the app from the App Store.

Log-In To App

Use the username that was used to set up your Infor Marketplace account and input your password.

The app is now functional provided that all relevant configurations on M3 and eLink are correct. For more information, please contact info@leanswift.com

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