Gratitude and Transparency: Our Client Feedback

We recently asked our clients to participate in client feedback survey. We shared what we learned back with them – and thought, why not share the highlights publicly? After all, we’re all growing and developing our businesses, and the lessons we learn are likely helpful for all.

First, we were humbled by what we heard:

  • More than 78% of you scored LeanSwift either a 9 or a 10, where 10 is the absolute gold standard for client satisfaction.
  • Trust in our team – as a reflection of the knowledge and expertise of our people, and our many longstanding relationships – was the predominant reason for these scores.

More importantly, the improvement opportunities were the most insightful and helpful:  Where our people shine, our processes can always be tighter.

I believe these themes are almost a universal cry in business today:

I. More Constant Communication & Transparency. Many of you suggested more proactive communication with project status and timelines, and real-time transparency when our teams are working on system changes and project tasks. Our business will never be automated, but we can certainly improve our processes to give greater visibility and transparency, with clear and consistent communication.

II. Faster Response Times. Speed and responsiveness – in closing out tickets, in project delivery and in overall project timelines – is an area for our continuous improvement efforts. We will never compromise on quality in favor of speed, but we will also work to improve our systems and communicate proactively to ensure we navigate priorities and deadlines together.

Interesting Patterns in What Clients Value:

No surprises, our M3/CloudSuite Implementation is by far our most valued capability, followed by eCommerce and our Managed Services. H5 received several votes for most valued product, and our newest capability extensions, Birst and our Hosting Services each got a nod.

We thank our clients for their continued trust and partnership in this age of incessant digital transformation. We are committed to their businesses, and to continuous improvement.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of asking for feedback. It lifts our view above the day-to-day project interactions and better understand our clients’ total experience…what they value, and what they need most from their partnership with us.

We’ll keep asking.

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