How Infor M3 13.4 will help pay off the national debt

Until the fifteenth century people believed that the global wealth was fixed. The only way for one person to be better off was to take from someone else. When Christopher Columbus needed funding to explore the world he left Portugal for Spain and managed to convince Queen Isabell that an investment would pay pay off. Governments and affluent people started to realize that they could invest as an option to spend money. Slowly life improved for society with the investments in science and research.

Governments around the world have increased debt dramatically the past decade. The jury is still out on whether this has been an expense or a good investment. To turn this into a successful investment, we need to increase our efficiency and productivity.

This is where Infor M3 V13.4 and MobileFirst for Infor M3 will help.

Why is M3 13.4 so important?

Infor M3 Version 13.4 is released today, September 29th. This fourth release of the 13.x platform includes more than 1,400 improvements that will help us increase efficiency and productivity. Even more important, Infor M3 13.4 is the launchpad version for the upcoming multi-tenant Cloud Edition.

This means that the 13.4 version will be the natural stepping stone for companies during the cloud readiness phase. If you’re not ready to go cloud today, this version provides functionality and the tools that will enable you to become cloud ready.

Release versions will die – long live OneVersion

With the Infor M3 13.x platform it is now possible to upgrade from one version to the next without a database migration and without a big upgrade project. Version 13.4 includes almost 200 improvements from version 13.3 but the most important thing is that (except for 12) it is up to you to decide if you would like to activate these or not. Infor has made it easier for you to become more productive – and this is just the beginning. With the multi-tenant Cloud Edition (OneVersion) we will receive new functionality and product improvements continuously and you will be able to decide which functions you would like to activate. Release versions as we know them today will soon be something for the history books. Ask your kids which version of snapchat they use and they will not understand the question.

Infor M3 apps and extensions on-demand

While Infor is doing a great job making M3 more agile, LeanSwift is adding mobile apps and extensions on-demand, to make the Infor M3 solution even better. Our key focus has been to make it possible to deploy M3 extensions in minutes (not hours, days or weeks). Here is an unedited recording of how you can deploy mobile functionality on-demand.

This is available today regardless if you run Infor M3 on-premise or M3 in the cloud.

Join the Infor M3 Community!

While Infor is providing core functionality that will help your business be more efficient we are extending an invite to Infor, partners, customers and independents to join the Infor M3 Community. To increase agility and productivity we need a larger and more vibrant Infor M3 community that will develop, enable and deploy M3 extensions and apps, on-demand. The design of will be soon updated to better present that this marketplace is open to everyone in the community.


I’m happy to welcome Vince(NO), Medius (SE), Doppio Group (US), Consebo (SE) and Authentic (FR) to the community and to the

These companies all provide excellent products and services that makes you more productive with Infor M3.


If you have apps, extensions, JScripts, Mashups, integrations or services that can help make Infor M3 users more productive then please join the community and let the world know.

Let’s go pay off the debt

Investments drive science and science has constantly provided us with better tools and techniques. Companies that adopt new tools and new techniques are the ones that thrive. Companies that thrive creates new jobs. This generates pay checks to employees and revenue to shareholders and society. Infor M3 13.4 is now available. Let’s unlock the tools to increased productivity and help pay off the national debt.

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