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Why InforM3Marketplace.com is a game changer

Speed of change is the key

Infor is taking Enterprise applications to the cloud. For customers this means lower TCO, higher availability and better security. What most people forget is the biggest benefit of going cloud – the increased speed of change. The cloud will make it possible to apply a service pack before most users know they need it. The cloud will make it possible to deploy new functionality – to be enabled when needed without big upgrade investments. Yes, our future systems will support our businesses better – at a lower cost.

The value of a vibrant community

All software providers know their strengths – and where best of breed solutions are preferred. We’ve spent 25+ years integrating Infor M3 with different PLM-, CRM-, Shipping-, Budgeting-, Tracking-, PLC- and any other solution you can think of. The ability to integrate multiple systems will be even more important in the future. But we need to do this faster and more secure, at a lower cost.

Giving every Infor customer the ability to enable an extension or an integration, on-demand, will deliver customer success like nothing else. A product is only as good as “the whole product”, which includes service, support and community extensions. Every market leader is surrounded by a vibrant community – and now we need to build a vibrant Infor community, together.

The InforM3Marketplace value proposition

With the marketplace you can now enable M3 extensions, integrations and mobile apps on-demand. The marketplace is open for Infor, all Infor partners and all Infor customers free of charge. You are free to use eLink for secure M3 communication and free to use the marketplace to securely manage which apps that can connect to your Infor M3 system. Develop your own extensions or have the vendor of your choice do it for you. If you would like to sell applications on the marketplace, then you’ll sign up as a partner and publish your products.

At LeanSwift we’re using the marketplace to deliver Mobile apps on-demand but soon you’ll find eCommerce-, SalesForce-, AP Automation, EDI and other solutions on the marketplace as well.

As an Infor M3 customers you will have access to extended functionality, when you need it – without a costly IT project. It’s time to pick up the pace!

Join us to build the community

InforM3Marketplace.com and it’s secure architecture for Infor M3 is waiting for your solutions. If you like this initiative and share our vision to build a vibrant Infor community, then please share this post.

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