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LeanSwift Has An Official Partnership With Ephesoft

LeanSwift Has An Official Partnership With Ephesoft

LeanSwift is an Infor Alliance Partner and a global system integrator of Infor products is now an official partner of Ephesoft. Ephesoft helps businesses run efficiently by classifying, sorting and extracting data with smart document/scanning OCR solution process automation. The document (invoice etc.) is routed through a workflow into M3 where the 3 way matching takes place. Ephesoft works with any type of document that you’d like to OCR.


  • It is quick to implement the standard Ephesoft package; it’s more than just an AP solution
  • The PO matching happens in M3
  • Infor is an official partner with Ephesoft
  • Ephesoft is not only about supplier invoices but has a standard connector to put any scanned document with metadata in IDM (ie you are buying a tool rather than just an AP solution)
  • Ephesoft can also integrate with a wide range of other formats, not just M3 ( you can integrate your scanning flows with other platforms in addition to your ERP)

LeanSwift’s global team consists of highly-qualified Infor application consultants whose experience extends over 25 years is the #1 Infor M3 partner in implementing Ephesoft. For more information, contact us at info@leanswift.com

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