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LeanSwift is Pleased to Announce a Strategic Partnership with Ninedot

LeanSwift is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Ninedot, a Providence RI based digital marketing agency, to expand our growing business expertise for our customers integrating eCommerce and marketing automation solutions.

LeanSwift provides an out-of-the-box solution that connects Infor CloudSuites (M3 and SX.e.) with the Magento platform. Ninedot designs and architects growth-centered websites putting data-driven insights at the core to successful UI/UX solutions while leveraging marketing automation tools like Hubspot to support the sales and marketing process. Through the strategic partnership LeanSwift and Ninedot will be able to offer customers a seamless eCommerce experience that incorporates UI/UX best practices and marketing automation while leveraging scalable HubSpot and Magento platforms.

LeanSwift and Ninedot have been partnering with success for 3 years and this was a natural step forward in an already successful collaboration. Some of the key joint initiatives included several global projects that leveraged Magento, Infor CloudSuite, Hubspot and LeanSwift eConnect. These successful implementations were aimed at increasing revenue through the eCommerce channel and reducing transaction cost by incorporating a customer portal with an invoice payment feature.

Anise Madh, CEO of LeanSwift, considers this alliance key to enhanced customer outcomes. “Through our ongoing partnership with Ninedot, LeanSwift is better able to meet the needs of scaling companies by delivering digital growth through strategy and UI/UX.”

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LeanSwift Has An Official Partnership With Ephesoft

LeanSwift is an Infor Alliance Partner and a global system integrator of Infor products is now an official vendor of NSA Computer Exchange Corp. LeanSwift has a global reach with a presence and operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our value proposition is built on Infor consulting services for upgrades and implementations with a strong focus on integrating eCommerce and distribution systems and platform frameworks.

Rhea Singh

Building Web Applications for Infor M3 Using H5 SDK

The SDK is used to build web applications (using AngularJS) and running them on an H5 client and includes core features that enable the application to call M3 programs. It offers basic UI components that can be used to build the HTML views and the ability to call M3 APIs from the application using the logged in user in the H5 client. It is ideal for UI programming – in other words creating new interfaces, cockpits, composite applications on top of existing business logic.

Rhea Singh

The Magento & LeanSwift eConnect B2B Solution

The Magento and LeanSwift eConnect platform for Infor M3 will allow you to stay competitive by making your customer’s lives easier through self-service tools, product search and faceted navigation, product availability and delivery prompts, efficient ordering/quoting and allowing your customer to buy online and to pick up in the store.

Rhea Singh