LeanSwift Partners with UltraShipTMS to Deliver TMS Solutions to Shippers Using the Infor M3 CloudSuite ERP

UltraShipTMS and LeanSwift Solutions, Inc Partnership Adds Award-Winning TMS, YMS, Optimization and Fleet Management to LeanSwift Customers

May 18, 2020 – Cocoa Beach, FL – LeanSwift global leader in eCommerce and Mobile solutions for Infor M3 customers in Fashion, Distribution, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing, providing business solutions and technical services for large enterprises using the Infor M3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform is proud to announce a partnership with UltraShipTMS. UltraShipTMS is a provider of enterprise transportation logistics software solutions.

UltraShipTMS finalized API integration with the Infor M3 CloudSuite ERP platform, enabling the smooth transfer of data bi-directionally between the two software systems.  This enables supply chain management professionals using UltraShip and Infor M3 to seamlessly pass data related to product orders, freight shipment/delivery and an array of other logistics information between the two platforms.

This new partnership between UltraShipTMS and LeanSwift will allow LeanSwifts’s current install base and growing customers the opportunity to access the UltraShipTMS who are in the market for software to automate logistics processes. The UltraShipTMS Modular Platform can deliver tools for freight yard management, truck fleet management, freight settlement/audit, shipping route optimization, and freight procurement together with the core functions of the TMS handling freight rating, routing, tendering, scheduling and visibility.

Remarking on the new partnership, UltraShipTMS Vice President, Anthony Vitiello said, “Our company enjoys a twenty-year history of developing, deploying and supporting high volume shippers with a focus on Food & Beverage, Distribution, Manufacturing and Retail organizations with household brand name recognition.  These markets align neatly with those served by LeanSwift both in terms of industry and size of the typical customer making this partnership one we expect to drive significant value for both companies and all the customers served by each.”

Vice President of Sales for LeanSwift, Jim Riggio added, “Our firm has been working with the Infor M3 platform for 25 years and we are thrilled with the partnership and integration of UtraShipTMS to Infor M3/CloudSuite. After an extensive search of TMS solutions, our development and technical team selected UltraShip as the right product and technology to partner with long-term. We believe This product suite fills a product niche and business need for many Infor M3 customers. ”

About UltraShipTMS
UltraShipTMS offers award winning software-as-a-service solutions to leading shippers in food production, packaging, manufacturing, retail and other industries.  UltraShipTMS, UltraYMS and the LoadFusion transportation optimizer provide a single-source solution for transportation and private fleet management, optimization and settlement handling in- and out-bound shipping across all modes of transport.

About LeanSwift
LeanSwift is an Infor Alliance Partner and a global system integrator of M3 and other Infor products. We have a global reach with a presence and operations in North America, Europe and Asia.  Our value proposition is built on M3 consulting services for upgrades and implementations with a strong focus on ION integration, eCommerce, mobility apps, supply chain optimization, warehouse management, Birst and H5 framework.

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