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LeanSwift Has An Official Partnership With NSA Computer Exchange Corp

LeanSwift Has An Official Partnership With NSA Computer Exchange Corp. To Deliver an eCommerce Platform to the SX.e Marketplace

LeanSwift is an Infor Alliance Partner and a global system integrator of Infor products is now an official vendor of NSA Computer Exchange Corp. LeanSwift has a global reach with a presence and operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our value proposition is built on Infor consulting services for upgrades and implementations with a strong focus on integrating eCommerce and distribution systems and platform frameworks.

LeanSwift’s eCommerce integrator, eConnect, enables a secure, bi-directional signal that configures SX.e distribution portal with your Magento webstore. We bring together your people, processes, workflows and critical data to make systems work for your business, customers and build a foundation for growth.

LeanSwift’s global team consists of highly-qualified Infor application consultants whose experience extends over 25 years. Come visit LeanSwift and NSA Computer Exchange Corp at the 2019 TUG Conference in Orlando, FL on March 13-16th at booth # 25 & #26 for more information.

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