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LeanSwift Provides Premium Support & Fully Managed Services for Infor CloudSuite & eCommerce Platforms

Total Accountability for the Health of Your ERP and eCommerce Platforms


LeanSwift provides premium support and fully managed services, that lower the total cost of ownership and sustain business value for the long haul. Highly qualified and skilled Infor CloudSuite application service experts resolve technical issues and manage functional support — and give your business around-the-clock peace of mind. Your investments in your Infor CloudSuite application will sustain its powerhouse value. Whether for your Infor M3/CloudSuite solution or eCommerce integration, LeanSwift’s managed service agreements are optimized to fit your business needs, adding value at every step.


Why Choose LeanSwift Managed Services?

  • Significant Cost Savings

Remote maintenance and support of the Infor CloudSuite enterprise solution reduces costs and is cost-effective compared to on-demand support.

  • Quick Response Time

LeanSwift’s Infor CloudSuite technical support team is available 24×7.

  • Increased Productivity & Employee Efficiency

Workplace productivity is a key metric to evaluate the success of your Infor CloudSuite environment. Free up internal IT staff and resources to focus on other priorities within the organization. To resolve issues quickly and provide needed support, you will work directly with one of LeanSwift’s qualified Infor CloudSuite resources.

  • Access Resources, with Specialized Skill Sets

Around-the-clock accessibility to a pool of diverse and experienced Infor developers — for M3 core functionality, M3 media output, EDI (electronic data interchange), Magento eCommerce platform and integration.

  • Extension of IT Department; liaison between IT and Infor when it comes to product bugs and fixes

LeanSwift’s Infor CloudSuite managed support is an extension of your company’s IT department and proven liaison in providing appropriate business solutions and strategies when it comes to product bugs or fixes.


Contact us at info@leanswift.com to learn how we can help lower your cost of ownership and sustain business value for your Infor CloudSuite and eCommerce platform.




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