Augusta Sportswear M3 update and ecommerce

Leanswift Augusta Sportswear logoAugusta Sportswear is all about teamwork and spirit. Since 1977, they have been supplying sports teams, office teams, and fundraising teams with high quality apparel for children and adults.

With the largest assortment of styles and colors, every customer finds something that fits their organization’s needs. As a majority of Augusta Sportswear’s sales are processed through their E-Commerce system, the need for this to be highly functioning is essential, and this is where LeanSwift plays a crucial part.



Wanting to upgrade their ERP system, Augusta Sportswear looked for a solution provider with a lot of experience and flexibility. Their highly customized system was getting close to the end of its technical lifespan and was due for an upgrade. One of the main objectives was to minimize modifications by moving over to a more standardized system that would still support the unique details that Augusta Sportswear needed to support their business processes. This change had to significantly reduce the ERP system cost of ownership for the company and make any future updates easy to implement. Getting the right people on board for the project was vital to its success.



Infor M3 for Fashion was the best solution to fulfill all Augusta’s requests, and the implementation by LeanSwift was done in the smoothest possible manner. As it was critical that business continued without a hinge during the entire upgrade, Augusta’s customers never once knew that a large development was going on behind the scenes. By the time the transformation was complete, 90% of old modifications had been completely eliminated; however, LeanSwift was also able to bridge the new system with parts of the old one in order to avoid throwing away developments. With the new standardized system put into place, Augusta Sportswear has been able to cut their costs and speed up their business processes. They will continue to greatly benefit from this upgrade in the future when time for the next update rolls around, as it will be easy to implement in Infor M3 for Fashion.

It was clear LeanSwift had a tremendous amount of experience with Infor M3 for Fashion.” – Wade Vann (Augusta Sportswear CIO) 

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