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Brooks Sports Case Study

December 11, 2018

Learn how LeanSwift has helped Brooks Running, Inc implement and integrate the backend of their B2B eCommerce solution.

Carolina Canners Case Study

November 01, 2018

Learn how Carolina Canners transitioned and upgraded from the legacy Movex ERP system to the Infor M3 platform with the help of LeanSwift.

CGR Products Case Study

October 11, 2018

Learn how CGR Products overcame their VMI issue, and how LeanSwift created and optimized an Ipad App to help streamline their business operations.

NorSea Group Case Study: B2B Customer Portal

August 09, 2018

Discover NorSea Group’s journey with LeanSwift and the implementation of a self-service automated, B2B customer portal to create an engaging, responsive experience for its customers.

Master Halco Case Study: Infor M3 Implementation

August 01, 2018

Discover how LeanSwift has helped Master Halco in their journey transitioning from a 20 year old legacy ERP hardware system to implementing the latest Infor M3 platform.

Propper Case Study

July 13, 2018

Discover how LeanSwift has helped Propper design a gateway for their dealers via their direct consumer eCommerce site to purchase items that would link Magento to their Infor M3 ERP system.