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Getting Started with Infor M3 Marketplace

LeanSwift, the leader in eCommerce and Mobile solutions for Infor M3, provides a Marketplace to enable ERP functionality on Mobile…

Rhea Singh Rhea Singh
September 10, 2018
BI & AI | Featured

Age of Digitization: Bridging the Gap Between Business & IT with BIRST

LeanSwift Solutions, Inc has an official partnership with BIRST (an Infor Company), an all-inclusive business intelligence (BI) platform that connects…

Rhea Singh Rhea Singh
August 17, 2018
B2B Solution | Mobile

Are you Taxi or Uber to your customers?

Can your customers place and track their orders online and have full visibility into your supply chain? We have Infor…

Johan Axelsson Johan Axelsson
August 16, 2017
Big Data

How Infor M3 13.4 will help pay off the national debt

Investments drive science and science has constantly provided us with better tools and techniques. Companies that adopt new tools and…

Johan Axelsson Johan Axelsson
August 16, 2017
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LeanSwift Has An Official Partnership With NSA Computer Exchange Corp

LeanSwift is an Infor Alliance Partner and a global system integrator of Infor products is now an official vendor of…

Rhea Singh Rhea Singh
March 12, 2019
Business Transformation | ERP | Featured

Building Web Applications for Infor M3 Using H5 SDK

The SDK is used to build web applications (using AngularJS) and running them on an H5 client and includes core…

Rhea Singh Rhea Singh
February 21, 2019
ERP | Featured

Master Halco Case Study: Infor M3 Implementation

Master Halco was using a 20 year old highly- customizable, legacy ERP hardware system that was difficult to maintain, develop…

Rhea Singh Rhea Singh
September 28, 2018
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