The news that Apple is investing 1Bn in Didi Chuxing, the chinese Uber competitor, is exciting. When Forbes calls this Apple’s worst decision it is obvious that they don’t see the full picture, the eminent transportation revolution.

My dad used to tell me how he remembered the first tractor replacing the horses in the fields and I will be able to tell my grand kids how I remember life before the transportation revolution initiated by Uber, Google and Apple.

Apple is not investing in Didi to make a simple profit. Apple need a way to develop and test self driving cars, just like Google invested in Uber and GM invested in Lyft. Soon our cars will drive us home, our kids to activities and wherever we need to go without us driving ourselves. The true transportation revolution is next when the driverless delivery truck brings our packages and finally, when your warehouse no longer is a few warehouses but decentralized to mobile driverless electric units closer to your customers.

At LeanSwift we’re working with smaller things, like making sure we first support Fulfillment by Amazon as an augmentation to your “on-premise” warehouses. Later this year we will release the marketplace to enable Infor M3 apps and extensions on demand. This is a small step for mankind but a revolution for Infor M3 customers – who are getting ready to launch the driverless warehouse drone436 – that will hoover around any construction site with products soon to be needed. The world as we know it is about to change and that is exciting.

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