Iconex Improved Customer Experience with a Custom-Built eCommerce Solution

  • September 21, 2021


When it comes to the customer experience, often times no news is good news. Iconex needed an eCommerce solution that allowed its customers to see their customized product, pricing and shipping options when placing orders online, ultimately reducing the reliance on the Iconex customer service center. With the help of LeanSwift, Iconex simplified the eCommerce process for its customers as well as its internal team by integrating a custom-built eCommerce solution into its ERP system.

Client Profile:

Since 1887, Iconex has created a rich history of enhancing transaction recording, ensuring order accuracy and improving operational efficiency for B2B customers. Iconex invented the paper receipt over a century ago, and they are the world’s leading provider of receipt and innovative label solutions.

Business Need:

When Iconex split from NCR, its former parent company, it needed its own eCommerce system to ensure ongoing operations. While the organization was able to quickly spin one up, it just as quickly found that the functionalities were limited and didn’t provide the desired customer experience Iconex sought. Specifically, Iconex wanted to ensure a seamless ordering process that was customized for each of its customers, including specialized pricing, saved shipping addresses and more.

The Evaluation Process:

Iconex was already using M3 as their ERP system. LeanSwift has the native hooks for M3, allowing for a solution that could easily integrate into Iconex’s existing ERP system. Further, LeanSwift truly understood Iconex’s needs and collected all of their requirements before starting. With this understanding, LeanSwift built a completely customized solution from scratch, including a middle layer to provide an inside look at the functional perspective of the site. LeanSwift’s comprehensive approach and execution led to a successful solution implementation for Iconex.

Overall Result:

In the B2B industry, ease and efficiency are invaluable. The customer experience remains at the top of mind for Iconex, and this is where their success metrics lie. With the eCommerce solution that LeanSwift created for Iconex from scratch, the company saw:

• Customized purchasing areas for each of its customers, including customer-specific product and shipping options as well as the ability to store.

• Real time pricing and tracking on orders for each customer.

• Increases in online ordering, which has also led to a reduction in service center calls.

Iconex challenged LeanSwift with creating a seamless, customizable eCommerce experience for their customers. LeanSwift got it right the first time.

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