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RedWingShoesLogoFor over a century Red Wing purpose-built footwear has been at the spearhead of innovation in the standard of excellence for work boots.

The skilled employees in their three U.S. factories build over 1.2 million pairs of shoes annually. Red Wing shoes are found in 4,000 retail locations, 150 Mobile Shoe Stores.



Red Wing Shoes are using Infor M3 as their core ERP system, and are overall pleased with the functionality in the system. However, the account receivable (AR) team had to use a number of functions and lookup information in multiple panels in M3 during their daily process.
This was time consuming and the information was scattered in multiple places which also added to more training of new staff members.

Red Wing explored options to consolidate information from multiple functions, even installed and tried an add-on product but did not get a solution good enough to deploy.



The LeanSwift M3 AR-application is a standard dashboard that consolidates invoices, payments, credit history, order history, tickler notes and all the information the AR-team need in one place. The LeanSwift M3 AR-application includes displaying and resending invoices and delivery notes stored in the document archive (DAF). This M3 extension use existing M3 data and M3 business logic via M3 application program interfaces (api’s) which mean it does change or affect the business engine.
LeanSwift installed the AR-application for an onsite real time evaluation by the AR-team. Red Wing are not using the document archive and did not have electronic copies of invoices. As part of the Seeing-is-believing LeanSwifts MOM (M3 Output Management) and streamserve experts configured MOM to create PDF copies of invoices in a folder and reprinted all old invoices.

The M3 AR-application gives the AR-team the information they need in a single place. Customer orders can be reviewed, credit stopped orders can be released, customer dialogues are documented and customer service has been improved. When the evaluation period was completed the application was already an indisposable asset to the AR-team.

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