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ComActivity M3 Teknor ApexTeknor Apex is one of the major manufacturers of garden hoses in the U.S and has offices all over the world. Teknor’s goal is to manufacture high quality garden hoses with the features and benefits that consumer’s demand.

Teknor Apex were using Lawson Movex in the US, UK, Benelux and Singapore. LeanSwift and Teknor merged these into a global Infor M3 implementation.



Teknor Apex has a large M3 installation. To stay up to date and be able to facilitate the Business needs, Teknor wanted to be able to develop and install both standardized applications as well as develop their own customized applications for their M3 installation.
Therefor Teknor looked at the ComActivity Portal Platform for their Business Process Execution to get a tool to support this.



LeanSwift’s experience and combination of both application skills and technical skills was the key when Teknor decided to partner with LeanSwift to manage and implement the upgrade.
Teknor Apex has now taken a strategic decision on ComActivity. By choosing the ComActivity platform Teknor Apex gets access to a platform that will enable them to enhance the usability of their M3 system.

The Strategic decision to choose ComActivity has enabled Teknor to develop a series of applications to support the Business needs without doing any modifications to their M3 installation. The core Movex functionality has been amended to support the business requirements. To improve business efficiency, improve the supply chain, customer support and manage future expansion Teknor reviewed the ERP and supply chain options. Teknor Apex are pleased with the ComActivity functionality and from a cost/efficiency perspective an upgrade of the existing Lawson Movex to the latest version of Infor M3, this was the best choice.


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