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Transform Your Online Store Into A Thriving Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Magento

The Magento based supplier portal delivers a complete approach to supplier management and facilitates the exchange of information between your organization and its suppliers, which creates an online, robust platform where business buyers and suppliers around the globe can connect and do business transactions with each other. 

Dashboards for details such as order executions, on-time delivery, quality, and responsiveness help you keep a clear overview of your entire global supply chain.

If you request changes, based on up-to-date information about stock or pricing, your suppliers will be able to view these when they log in.




Confirm Purchase Order Price, Quantity, Date:

Once the PO is created in the ERP, it expedites purchase order acknowledgments, track due dates, status, and changes, and alert your suppliers to important PO changes. All purchase order details and supplier communications track directly with each purchase order, are updated in real-time and immediately fed into your M3, change quantity, price, confirm the date and confirm purchase order lines and then filter by status.

Generate Advance Shipping Notice (ASN):

The Magento portal enables suppliers to complete a detailed ASN document, save it in M3 platform, and automatically send it to buyers prior to shipment.

Receive Order and Report Generation:

Once you receive your order, you are then prompted to generate a report. This report will generate all data to streamline your presence in the world of eCommerce. 

LeanSwift can transform your online store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace with Magento. For more information, contact us info@leanswift.com


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